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VI.5 Sept.-Oct. 1999
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Jennifer Bruer

back to top  14th Annual Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications

Denver, Colorado, USA
November 1–5, 1999

Conference Chair
Brent Hailpern

OOPSLA is a premier forum bringing together a wide variety of professionals in the field of object technology. There are many ways to contribute: everything from carefully refereed archival papers through late-breaking demonstrations and informal birds-of-a-feather meetings. It will be your papers, your ideas, your active debate, and your shared experiences that will make OOPSLA'99 great — a collage of technical papers, practitioner reports, topical panels, invited speakers, exhibits, posters, demonstrations, formal and informal educational symposia, as well as a tutorial program.

OOPSLA is the place to be to exchange ideas and experiences in this field. It has proven its value to the broad range of students and professionals interested in object-oriented technology: industrial researchers, academics, technical developers, and users; from newcomers to gurus. OOPSLA provides a unique opportunity for you to share your research and experience with others in the variety of areas. One of OOPSLA's special attractions is the coming together of a broad range of disciplines, woven with the common thread of object technology.

Conference Highlights:

Keynote Address: James Burke, Science Historian, Author, TV Host/Writer/Producer

Invited Talks: XML, Objects, and Communication over the Internet – Matthew Fuchs, CommerceOne; Fun with Squeak and Other Smalltalks – Dan Ingalls, Walt Disney Imaging; Analyzing Object-Oriented Software Architectures – Rick Kazman, Software Engineering Institute; The Objects of E-Commerce – Stu Feldman, Institute for Advanced Commerce, IBM

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