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VI.5 Sept.-Oct. 1999
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Steven Pemberton

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Now that I have been with interactions for ten issues, I thought it was time for some reflection again, about the role of interactions, the needs of the readers, and the directions we should be taking. Not that these things aren't always on my mind, but sometimes it's good to explicitly set them down, and encourage feedback and suggestions.

interactions is not an academic publication: its intention is to be at the interface between research and practice, informing the practitioner about new research and how it can be used, and informing the researcher about what is being done and how research is being applied. We regularly cover a number of specific sub-fields such as methods and tools, business, and design (a particularly rich field that I feel there is still lots to draw from). There are many other identifiable fields that we also cover, though not every issue, such as the Web, Information Design, and Accessibility. We do this either because people come to us with a submission or a suggestion that we like, and we follow up on it, or because we see something or someone, and think there should be something in interactions about it, and approach someone to write about it.

So this is an invitation to you to come up with ideas for what interactions should be doing. Is interactions going in the right direction? What are we doing right? What could we be doing better? Are there areas we are ignoring? Do you know someone who ought to be writing for interactions? Do you have an idea for a submission yourself?

Feedback is good: if we are doing the right things it encourages us to do more; if we're missing things, it encourages us to fix it. Please let us know!

By the way, talking about the directions we are taking, the next issue is a special issue on interaction in the family, and very special it promises to be as well, with a wide range of interviews, photo essays and technology overviews. Not to be missed, I promise you!

Steven Pemberton

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