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XII.5 September + October 2005
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Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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Summer is in full swing and some of us turn our thoughts to high adventure away from the routine of our workplaces, to beaches and relaxation, or to getting that syllabus in order for fall classes. Whether you're just entering the university environment for the first time, returning to school, or doubling up on work and school at the same time, this issue is for you.

We are grateful for coverage of HCI programs from Carnegie Mellon, De Paul University, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, Rolla, Savannah College of Art and Design, Stanford University, and University of Texas (all US), and University of Hamburg (DE) and Technical University Eindhoven (NL). This coverage demonstrates breadth—these schools are a sampling of where you'll find rich HCI material, and there are many more. You'll also be able to find coursework or practitioner training in HCI at many universities and continuing education organizations internationally; check the SIGCHI Web site ( for links to local special interest groups that offer workshops and seminars worldwide. If you'd like to submit your university program to an upcoming retrospective of HCI education and training, please let us know! And finally, if you've had a particularly worthwhile educational experience in HCI and you'd like to send kudos, write to us at

A bit of news . . . We held our first editorial board meeting as <interactions> magazine's new editors-in-chief at the CHI conference in April. We are very impressed to have the support and advice of so many distinguished individuals in our community; please check the masthead for a complete listing of our editorial board members.

The EIC gave progress reports on migration to a new vision and content style for the magazine. We discussed more collaboration between content and presentation in these pages and received enthusiastic support from the board. We are currently working with ACM management, SIGCHI, and the ACM publications board to design new collaboration possibilities and opportunities for the magazine. If you are interested in contributing to the future of <interactions>, have talents to volunteer, or would simply like to sound off about where we should be headed, please email us at

Jonathan Arnowitz and Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson


Publication Contributions: We're excited to see letters to the editor coming in. If your letter is more than 300 words, please consider submitting a short article. <interactions> does not republish material; all submissions must be original, written in magazine style. We welcome research written as journalism for the practitioner audience, and very short news or humor items. For submission guidelines please email

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