XIII.5 September + October 2006
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Design At Chi

Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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The New CFP for CHI2007 is out as of press time, and it is an open invitation to various communities, following up on the bold experiments of CHI2006. We like what we see: CHI2006's emphasis on outreach to different communities within CHI and the new program of shorter tutorials mixed in with the regular conference are still here for CHI2007. Of particular interest to us is CHI2007's outreach to the design community. At last, design is more than a sideline activity; now more than ever it is becoming an integral part of the conference.

Kudos to John Kolko and Bill Lucas for extending the invitation to participate to both the practitioner and design research communities.

Please check out the CFP and register your interest by contributing to one or more of the following venues:

  • Experience Reports: following the design case study in a flexible format
  • Interactivity: demonstrating working products or prototypes
  • Work in Progress: shorter submissions based on projects still ongoing
  • Interactive Sessions: interactive discussions with panel members and audience participation
  • Special Interest Groups: special design-oriented SIGS
  • Workshops: workshops occurring before the conference that would be of particular interest
  • Papers: archival-quality works of design research

Other available submissions for the design area include courses, the student design competition, and more. For more information, see the design-community call for participation at: http://chi2007.org/submit/intersessions.php.

We're happy to see this breadth of design-oriented submission formats, and we look forward to the evolving integration of design and design activities in the CHI conference format. Now it's up to you to make it happen!—<eic>

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