XVIII.5 September + October 2011
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back to top  Feedback for Liam Bannon

It's interesting that the day after I decided to go back to school to finish my bachelor's degree and study HCI, the latest issue of interactions arrived in my inbox. I've been reading the cover story ("Reimagining HCI: Toward a More Human-Centered Perspective," July + August 2011), and although I'm not quite finished with the article, I find it relates to me more than ever.

I love the idea of interaction design. I've been following it for almost a year now and have finally decided that I want to move out of the graphic design/art direction field and into this one, but what I really like is the growing focus on the human part of the equation discussed in Bannon's cover story.

Thanks for the article. Keep them coming—I love reading interactions.

Steve Monsen

back to top  Feedback for Steven Dow

I'm Director of User Experience in Microsoft Hardware. I just read your article on prototyping in interactions magazine ("How Prototyping Practices Affect Design Results," May + June 2011). What a great read! Thank you for writing this and giving visibility to an incredibly important practice.

Prototyping is a practice that is challenged—at least in the arena of hardware design—and your article helps me immensely to build a case for improving our prototyping capabilities. We actually do a lot of prototyping here, but where I find a lot of challenge is not in the "doing" but in the "thinking." We have a lot of engineers who focus so much on quality (a good thing) that it often hinders their ability to prototype rapidly and quickly in new and unfamiliar areas.

I've been working with the engineers a lot to help them understand the need for rapid iteration and am making some progress. Articles like yours that speak to the subject and bring in some science as well as design thinking resonate with them. It certainly has made a good splash with several here already.

Many thanks,

Andy Cargile

back to top  Corrections

In the article "Move to Design/Design to Move: A Conversation About Designing for the Body" (Let's Get Physical forum, July + August 2011), Danielle Wilde's byline should include the University of Tokyo, which supported some of her work discussed in the article.

Steve Portigal's and Julie Norvaisas's True Tales column ("Elevator Pitch," July + August 2011) should include the following photo credit on page 15: Photographs on top by Steve Portigal. Photographs on bottom from left by Steve Portigal, Julie Norvaisas.

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