Team ViC

Team ViC is a research team with expertise in rapid prototyping, agile development and participatory action research. ViC core team is flexible and can quickly reconfigure to bring extra expertise and support from its research and industry partners. We have many years experience of working together and in partnership with communities, practitioners, and businesses in projects such as Catalyst and Clasp.

Values tensions in academia: An exploration within the HCI community

Posted: Mon, June 25, 2018 - 11:31:49

Wish you were here - by @_JPhelps February and March 2018 saw the largest ever industrial action in the U.K.’s higher-education sector. While the cause of the strike was changes to the USS pension scheme, the picket lines were sites for conversations about many other issues within academia. Whether it was dissatisfaction with the corporatization of universities, the precarious working…