Joe Sokohl

For 20 years Joe Sokohl has concentrated on crafting excellent user experiences using content strategy, information architecture, interaction design, and user research. He helps companies effectively integrate user experience into product development. Currently he is the principal for Regular Joe Consulting, LLC. He’s been a soldier, cook, radio DJ, blues road manager, and reporter once upon a time. He tweets at @mojoguzzi and blogs at Joe Sokohl is Principal of Regular Joe Consulting, LLC

From stereoscopes to holograms: The latest interaction design platform

Posted: Tue, January 10, 2017 - 11:38:04

Shortly before the widespread availability of photographs in the first third of the 19th century, stereoscopes appeared. We’ve been flirting with portable, on-demand three-dimensionality in experience ever since. From Sir Charles Wheatstone’s invention in 1838 of a dual display to approximate binocular depth perception through the ViewMaster fad of the 1960s, people have been captivated by the promise of a…

Oh, the places I will go

Posted: Fri, April 29, 2016 - 1:26:09

Over the decades conferences, symposia, webinars, and summits all have formed critical portions of my professional development. I learned about controlled vocabularies and usability testing and the viscosity of information and personas and information visualization and so much more from attending two- or three-day events—and even local evening presentations from peers and leaders alike, all centered on this thing of…

Destroying the box: Experience architecture inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright

Posted: Mon, January 05, 2015 - 12:58:06

"When we said we wanted a house at Bear Creek," client Lillian Kaufmann said to Frank Lloyd Wright, "we didn't imagine you would build it ON the creek!" To which Wright replied, "In time you'd grow tired of the sight of creek...but you'll never grow tired of the sound." And he was right. Fallingwater stands as the most recognized house…

Taking UX to Eleven

Posted: Wed, April 24, 2013 - 12:44:01

About a hundred years ago, I worked as a road manager. Often, when I tell folks this, they get all misty-eyed, somewhat dewy, and ask, "What was it like?" I think images of Scooter Herring run across their eyes, or strains of Jackson Browne's "Rosie" waft melodically in an Ohrwurm kind of way. The first time I worked as a…

Don’t throw the mental model baby out with the skeuomorphic bathwater

Posted: Tue, March 19, 2013 - 10:17:08

Recently, Apple has been taken to task for its apparent hyperdevotion to skeuomorphism. Faux leather visual design, faux bookshelves, faux notepads—these artifacts of design become objet de derision in today's history- and human factors-weak design community. Combine this weakness with a rush to production under big-A Agile, and we run amok with undesigned designs. Yes, some elements of Apple's design…

UX for the rest of us

Posted: Tue, January 15, 2013 - 5:12:13

To say that I'm humbled to have the opportunity to blog for interactions would be a gross understatement, for it's a magazine instrumental in my move from technical communications to fully focused user experience activities. From the moment I picked up that issue in the Barnes & Noble on Sherman Avenue in Evanston in 1995, I've been hooked. My career…