XXXI.1 January - February 2024
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Cat Royale

Eike Schneiders, Steve Benford, Nick Tandavanitj, Matt Adams, Ju Row Farr

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Contributors: Eike Schneiders, Steve Benford, Nick Tandavanitj, Matt Adams, and Ju Row Farr

Curator/Editor: Elizabeth Churchill


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Would you let a robot care for your pet? Blast Theory's Cat Royale explores the impact of AI on humans and animals. For 12 days, Ghostbuster, Pumpkin, and Clover played with a robot arm that offered them games, toys, and treats every few minutes. The robot threw balls and dropped them into a ball run. It dangled feathers, offered snacks, and introduced a cardboard box. It rang bells and dragged a toy mouse. But is it good for these cats—and would it really be good for us—if AI could learn to deliver all of our desires all of the time?

Cat Royale was made possible as part of Blast Theory's role as cultural ambassadors for the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub. The work was created as part of an extensive collaboration with researchers at the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham, and with Clara Mancini at the Open University and Daniel Mills at the University of Lincoln.

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