XXIX.4 July - August 2022
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Liberation tarot—- Accountability

Amina Ross

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Contributor: Amina Ross

Curator/Editor: Nia Easley


The Liberation Tarot Deck is for those inspired by and through revolution in the face of the able-centered, capitalist, heterocis-normative, white-supremacist patriarchy.

At the foundation of this project is the belief that magic is an essential tool for healing and social change within our communities. Tarot decks have been used for hundreds of years as a mode of personal and collective divination, storytelling, and meaning-making. The Liberation Deck draws on this rich tradition of magic and mischief, while seeking to rewrite the visual vocabulary of tarot, and ultimately of power. Our hope is that this deck can help us strengthen our muscles of radical, revolutionary, abolitionist dreaming.

The deck eschews conventional tarot cards such as the Emperor or Knight in favor of nonhierarchical cards honoring revolutionary concepts and figures such as the Crone, the Healer, and the Rebel, among others. Together, the cards within the deck elaborate a vision in support of collective liberation. Figures in the deck have bodies of all shapes and sizes, colors, genders, ages, and abilities. Accountability (the card shown here), sustainability, healing, and slowness are just as critical as production and active power-wielding.

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