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XXIX.4 July - August 2022
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SIGCHI’s new budget

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On March 1, 2022, the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) voted unanimously to approve the SIGCHI budget for fiscal year (FY) 2023 (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023). The budget was presented to the SIGCHI community on the same day in our monthly open EC meeting.

By the numbers. SIGCHI's FY 2023 revenue is projected to be $5,683,580. About 83 percent of this revenue comes from our conferences, and 15 percent from SIGCHI's share of ACM Digital Library (DL) revenues—all SIGs receive their share based on the number of downloads of their SIG materials. We are told that SIGCHI has the most number of downloads of all SIGS, by far. Membership fees and interest income each account for about 1 percent of our revenue.

Our projected expenses for FY 2023 are $8,197,270. Of these funds, just over $4 million will go toward organizing conferences. Direct support for our community in the form of grants, awards, and sponsorships will make up another $1 million. The FY 2023 budget will also fund community-focused projects and initiatives led by various members of the SIGCHI EC (at $380,000).

We have budgeted $800,000 for professional services to support the work of our volunteers; professional services provide support with accessibility, organizing conferences, organizing and managing various volunteer teams and tasks, and designing and maintaining our digital archives and information-sharing mechanisms. As in prior years, we have also budgeted funds to help pay for the CHI venue (in 2023, this will cost us $540,000) and the production and distribution of Interactions magazine ($175,000).

Thank you, SIGCHI volunteers, for doing everything that you do to keep SIGCHI productive and fun, and for ensuring that we are financially equipped to keep working toward positive change.

The budget additionally supports volunteer travel ($232,000) and venues ($82,000) for about 15 committee meetings, and a host of smaller expenses ($200,000) such as support for ACM staff travel to any in-person committee meetings, occasional hardware purchases, and Web consulting. Finally, the budget marks $730,771 as ACM overhead, including support for governance, financial management, insurance, support for conferences (such as venue selection and maintaining websites), and operating the ACM DL. This number was updated to reflect the recently approved new ACM overhead rate.

The bottom line. Our colleagues at ACM project that SIGCHI will start FY 2023 with $6,330,193 in our account and expect that our activities will generate about $5.7 million during the next fiscal year. With planned FY 2023 expenses of $8.2 million, the SIG's account balance is projected to be $3,816,503 on June 30, 2023. This is the context in which the EC voted to approve the budget for FY 2023. We deliberately chose to go with a large, community-focused budget, with the hope of mitigating the impact of the past two difficult years.

Thank you, volunteers! SIGCHI aspires to be an active, inclusive, and caring community, and is also financially strong. This financial strength is due to the tireless efforts of hundreds of SIGCHI volunteers who organize conferences, review papers, run workshops, publish papers in the ACM DL, edit websites, write social media posts, and do myriad other things small and large to keep our community moving forward. We thank you, SIGCHI volunteers, for doing everything that you do to keep SIGCHI productive and fun, and for ensuring that we are financially equipped to keep working toward positive change. We are grateful for your efforts, and committed to directing our resources to support your labor. We look forward to working with the SIGCHI community to put our plans in action.

Want more detail? Please see our webpage or email [email protected].

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