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The Last Pencil?

Renato Verdugo, Scott Minneman

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Contributor: Oio in collaboration with mudac, the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts, Lausanne

Curators/Editors: Renato Verdugo and Scott Minneman

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A timeless symbol of creativity, this yellow wooden pencil appears ordinary. Yet there's no graphite core, only a smooth piece of solid wood with a familiar industrial look and finish. The inscription in bold letters in a sans serif font reads, "The last pencil you will ever need." A URL and unique code specific to each pencil in the exhibit lead to a website promising to "draw for you, so you don't have to." Developed by the creative studio oio, The Last Pencil invites us to confront the evolving nature of design tools in the age of generative AI. "It's a way to set the tone about the present situation of over-excitement and fear, in an ironic way," the studio told STIRworld magazine, while also hinting that some aspects of creativity may always require the pencil's unique touch. No need to stockpile pencils just yet.

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