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XII.2 March + April 2005
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Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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We hope you enjoy this issue's special theme of robots. We extend our heartiest of thanks to Jean Scholtz, our guest editor for this issue, for pulling together an extraordinary special section that we hope you will enjoy. See Jean's intro for a summary of what's happening in the field.

As part of our continuing commitment to improve the magazine, we will be introducing more changes. We welcome your comments and hope you'll write to us at

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We would like to introduce two new contributors to <interactions> and further changes to the organization of the magazine.

We are sure you will enjoy the regular contributions of the guru himself, Donald Norman. Donald will be dispensing his wit and wisdom on a wide variety of topics on human-computer interaction in his column "The Way I See It."

Our second new contributor is Dustin Beltram, bringing you news and views from the world of enterprise software. Dustin hails from PeopleSoft, Inc.

We are introducing a new organization to the magazine with this issue:

FRESH brings you: "Pushing the Envelope," Fred Sampson's preview of the next issue for which we are accepting material; "Ask Dr. Usability," our usability professional dispensing advice...or is it?; topical articles on the special theme of the issue as well as other pieces from near and far afield; and the central case study on the special theme. Our case studies follow the DUX and SIGCHI Design Expo case study format. We're always interested in potential case studies, so contact us if you'd like certain areas addressed or if you have a product story to tell.

PRACTICE brings you four columns whose editors are constantly seeking new material: "Design"; "Whiteboard," edited by Elizabeth Buie; "Business," edited by Susan Dray and David Siegel; and "Connections," edited by Manfred Tscheligi.

PEOPLE features our columnists who contribute their thoughts and views: "The Way I See It," by Don Norman; "Enterprise," by Dustin Beltram; "HCI & the Web," by William Hudson; and "Fast Forward," by Aaron Marcus.

DEPARTMENTS now include "Book Review," edited by Gerard Torenvliet; "News & Reviews," upcoming events and reviews of previous events and activities; "Tidbits from TOCHI," briefing our readers on the latest research published in TOCHI; and "Event Planner."

And last but not least, we hope you enjoy our editorial Rants and Raves and our cartoons.

While we are proud to add HCI statesman Donald Norman to our editorial crew, we are sad to be losing two very valuable members: Austin Henderson and Kate Erhlich, who until this issue were the Design column editors. Their expertise and visionary focus will be sorely missed. We will announce their successor in the next issue.


Jonathan Arnowitz & Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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