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XII.2 March + April 2005
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Letters to the editor

Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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Just read the "Goodbye!" editorial (November-December 2004) and wanted to take the opportunity to thank Steven for his leadership as editor of <interactions>. It has consistently been one of the very best professional journals for my needs as a developer of business applications.

I am an ACM member largely to receive <interactions>. It is one of the few magazines that I keep back issues of for more than a year.

Thanks for all your excellent work. You are leaving a great legacy for your successors.

Brian Ford
Vancouver, WA, USA

back to top  e-Voting and HCI

Your closing line to the Rant "Not Ready for Prime-Time Voting" (January-February 2005), "On reflection: At least we know where we stand," demonstrates clearly that you just don't get the concept of professional activity.

This rant is composed of regurgitated rumor and innuendo. The beefs are in the domain of information integrity, which is not the domain of expertise of the editors or SIGCHI membership.

The advantages of e-voting in the domain of HCI—that it makes the ballot more comprehensible and cuts down on user errors—are ignored. It is how you shout, in unprofessional rants rather than in objectivity-enhancing depositions of relevant information, that keeps you wailing from outside the wall.

Al Gilman
Arlington, VA, USA

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