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Encounters with HCI pioneers: A personal photo journal

Ben Shneiderman

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ins02.gif Ben Shneiderman: Pioneer of direct manipulation

Pioneers in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) are memorable for their extraordinary research, astonishing designs, energetic lectures, passionate discussions, and personal warmth. As a community we have had as much impact as the chip designers in enabling 7+ billion people to benefit from advanced technologies. Our work on graphical user interfaces, World-Wide Web design, social media, and mobile devices with their numerous apps has been culturally and technologically transformative.

In my career I've had the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by hundreds of amazing researchers and innovators who contributed to the emergence of HCI. This personal photo journal (https://hcipioneers.wordpress.com/) is a tribute to these remarkable individuals and a celebration of their contributions to HCI. The choice of 50+ pioneers was guided by my encounters at conferences and on my campus, so there is a bias toward those who work on topics close to my interests. There are many more important contributors to the field and, over time, I hope to add them. This selection from the HCI Pioneers website is meant to encourage you to visit the site so as to learn more about these leading researchers and innovators.


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Ben Shneiderman is a distinguished university professor in the Department of Computer Science, founding director (1983–2000) of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, and a member of the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. ben@cs.umd.edu

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