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XXVII.2 March - April 2020
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Digital Citation

Kongpyung Moon, Peng Gao, Jessica In, Ruairi Glynn, Laura Rosado, studio RLON, Freddie Hong

back to top  1. CuGo

CuGo is a tangible platform where human and robot are encouraged to participate in achieving a shared goal. It consists of a game board, on which modular, reconfigurable robots perform unpredictable movements, as well as passive blocks that are moved by both human and robot players. As the performance of AI for specialized tasks will soon surpass that of humans, CuGo aims to contribute to calming the tension between human and robot entities.

Kongpyung Moon, University College London
[email protected]

Peng Gao, University College London
[email protected]

Jessica In (Principal Tutor), University College London

Ruairi Glynn (Director of Interactive Architecture Lab), University College London

ins01.gif Robots try to build a tower with passive blocks by grabbing the passive blocks placed by human players.

back to top  2. Vase en Puissance

Inspired by the sabrage of champagne—a radical and enjoyable action—Vase en Puissance is a hermetic container made of blown glass that must be deliberately broken. To do this, a simple electrical kit is provided to break the neck of the vase. It encourages users to develop transgressive and liberating behaviors in everyday life.

Laura Couto Rosado, Design Studio
[email protected]

ins02.gif A wire arranged in the groove of the vase is heated by the cutting device, making a clean cut of the glass by thermal shock.
ins03.gif An alabaster white vase with a narrow neck and the hot-wire glass-cutting device.

back to top  3. Samsara

The kinetic installation Samsara represents a physical manifestation of synergy. Its 252 white triangles are driven by a single energy force: the rotating black disk in the center. Three sliders running in the three intersecting rings of the disk transmit the circular movement of the energy source. The energy is then passed on from triangle to triangle, resulting in a mesmerizing choreography of all the parts. Each part in Samsara behaves in accordance with the whole. It is a system unpredictable through observation of its individual parts and one in which even a small input of energy can evoke big changes.

studio RLON
[email protected]

ins04.gif The 252 white triangles are driven by the rotating disk in the center.
ins05.gif Assembling the Samsara installation.
ins06.gif A dynamic mandala.

back to top  4. Surface

Surface is a three-axis sculpting instrument controlled by an Xbox controller, exploring the ambiguous boundary between the analog and the digital. It allows anyone to intuitively apply their creativity in a real-time flow without the aid of pre-drawn digital geometry: Users can make instinctive alterations to their sculpture as the cutting progresses. Surface challenges conventional methods of digital fabrication, which rely vitally on CAD software, aiming to spark the joy of creating art in a playful manner.

Surface challenges conventional methods of digital fabrication.

Hong, F.T. SURFACE: Xbox controlled hot-wire foam cutter. In ACM/EG Expressive Symposium - Posters, Demos, and Artworks. D. Berio, P. Cruz, and J. Echevarria, eds. The Eurographics Association, 2019.

Freddie Taewoo Hong, Imperial College London
[email protected]

ins07.gif Display of the sculptures created by the participants from the workshop at Goldsmiths University, 2017.
ins08.gif Side view of the Surface instrument and its setup.

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