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XXIX.2 March - April 2022
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Ian Gonsher, Zhenhong Lei

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This prototype demonstrates the viability of manipulating both physical and virtual objects with the same tool in order to maintain object permanence across both modes of interaction. Using oppositional force feedback, provided by a servo, and an augmented visual interface, provided by the user's smartphone, this tool simulates the look and feel of a physical object within an augmented reality environment. The tool is also able to manipulate physical objects that are not part of the augmented reality, such as a physical nut. With both modes of interaction integrated into the same tool, users can fluidly move between these different modes of interaction, manipulating both physical and virtual objects as the need arises. By overlaying this kind of visual and haptic augmentation onto a common tool such as a pair of pliers, which acts on both physical and virtual objects, we hope to build a foundation for the further development of dual modality mixed reality tools.

ins01.gif Prototype of mixed reality pliers in open position with a smartphone attached.
ins02.gif Prototype of mixed reality pliers in open position without a smartphone attached.

I. Gonsher, I. and Lei, Z. Prototype of force feedback tool for mixed reality applications. 2021 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality Adjunct. IEEE, 2021, 508–509. DOI: 10.1109/ISMAR-Adjunct54149.2021.00123

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Ian Gonsher, Brown University [email protected]

Zhenhong Lei, Rhode Island School of Design [email protected]

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