XXXI.3 May - June 2024
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Digital Citation

Musing on AI and Art

Alexander Reben

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Contributor: Alexander Reben, [email protected]

Curators/Editors: Scott Minneman and Renato Verdugo

The Sentinel of Memory in the Valley of Vulnerability, 2023, bronze, 40 x 19 x 7 inches.

Some fear that AI is gunning for creatives, right? Not so fast. Alexander Reben has been making waves in the art world by using AI tools as his muse. The newly appointed artist-in-residence at OpenAI combines his technical expertise and sharp humor to use generative AI outputs as prompts for his creative process in myriad ways. Reben has produced artworks corresponding to AI-generated wall card descriptions, fleshed out sculptures by artist-authors of a fantasized manifesto, and fabricated exquisite IRL bronze (shown here) and marble sculptures (Ear We Go Again) from images created by DALL-E. Touché, AI!

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