XXX.5 September - October 2023
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Digital Citation

Before There Was a Hill There Was a Hole

Hope Wang

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Contributor: Hope Wang, [email protected]

Curator/Editor: Nia Easley


Textile artist Hope Wang often documents the unintentionally whimsical "scars" people leave on the architectural landscape. Even in absence of the figurative body, everything in Wang's digital weavings depict what has been shaped by and for the body. Her process often involves translation, recrafting existing spaces through another material to explore the tension between losing what was and becoming something new.

In this work, she mimics the grainy glitches characteristic of low-res digital files through interchanging lines of yarn that eventually smooth into a gradient of violet and blue. Along with striped road barricade arrows framing the top of the work, yellow parking lot stripes cut through loops and squiggles of tire burns from street-racing donuts.

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