Allison Smith Renner

Alison Smith Renner is a research scientist and engineer with 12-plus years experience designing, building, and evaluating intelligent systems and interactive visualizations for data exploration, analysis, and augmented decision making. Her research lies at the intersection of AI/ML and human-computer interaction, building explainable and interactive AI/ML systems to engender trust, improve performance, and support human-machine collaboration. [email protected]

Tangible XAI

Posted: Tue, February 15, 2022 - 4:11:15

Computational systems are becoming increasingly smart and automated. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems perceive things in the world, produce content, make decisions for and about us, and serve as emotional companions. From music recommendations to higher-stakes scenarios such as policy decisions, drone-based warfare, and automated driving directions, automated systems affect us all. But researchers and other experts are asking, How well…