Demo Hour

Electric Flora

Issue: XXI.6 November-December 2014
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Joanna Maria Dauner, Emre Karagozler, Matthew Glisson

Electric Flora is an installation that creates interactivity by harvesting electrostatic energy from the human body to generate light choreographies. The user produces electrical charge with the friction of their feet on the floor. Wearing Teflon shoes amplifies the charge. Every time the user gets in contact with a single electric plant (an acrylic tube with embedded LEDs), the electrical charge from the body activates the lights. In this way we generate interactivity without using any power sources other than the human body.

Electric Flora from Joanna Dauner on Vimeo.

Dauner, J., Glisson, M., Karagozler, M., Electric Flora: An interactive energy harvesting installation. Proc. of the 2014 Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems. ACM, New York, 2014, 125–128.

Joanna Maria Dauner, University of Arts, Berlin
[email protected]

Emre Karagozler, Disney Research, Pittsburgh
[email protected]

Matthew Glisson, Disney Research, Pittsburgh
[email protected]