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Issue: XXI.6 November-December 2014
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Jiffer Harriman

Modular-Muse is a hardware and software toolkit for music. It is an exploration of design tools between off-the-shelf interfaces and digital-audio workstation (DAW) environments and common maker tools. It features input modules for interface design and output modules for physical sound actuation and controlling lights, as well as a software library to streamline sound design and hardware interaction. By offering an accessible and transparent platform that enables exploration in a creative context, Modular-Muse is a powerful tool for engaging users in higher levels of design thinking and offers a new context in which to explore electronics and programming.


modular-muse from Jiffer Harriman on Vimeo.

Harriman, J. Modular-Mus: Toward an interaction design toolkit for music. Proc. of the 2014 Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems. ACM, New York, 2014, 141–144.

Jiffer Harriman, University of Colorado
[email protected]