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SID—Sensuousness, Interaction, and Participation

Issue: XXII.1 January + February 2015
Page: 6
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HĂ©ctor A. Caltenco, Henrik Svarrer Larsen, Per-Olaf Hedvall

The SID project is about Snoezelen, a method based on the use of a multisensory environment (room) designed to awaken children's interests. It offers them the opportunity to discover, explore, and experience at their own pace. It arouses curiosity and urges them to act, but it also offers a haven for relaxation. The purpose of the SID project is to further develop the Snoezelen concept, creating new opportunities for children with developmental disabilities to utilize today's interactive possibilities. For example, by adding microphones, speakers, subwoofers and a computer to a waterbed, any movement in the waterbed becomes a bodily dialogue with its inner "wavescape" of evolving sound layers, vibrations, and even infrasonic kicks in the water. SID aims to develop new possibilities for sensuousness, interaction, and participation through an interactive multisensory environment.

Larsen, H.S. and Hedvall, P-O. Ideation and ability: When actions speak louder than words. Proc. of the 12th Participatory Design Conference: Exploratory Papers, Workshop Descriptions, Industry Cases. 2012, 37–40.

Héctor A. Caltenco, Lund University
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Henrik Svarrer Larsen, Lund University
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Per-Olof Hedvall, Lund University
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