Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Tangible Exploration of Historical Objects from WWI

Issue: XXVI.5 September-October 2019
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Elena Not, Dario Cavada, Stefano Maule, Anna Pisetti, Adriano Venturini

This installation offers visitors the opportunity to touch and inspect original historical objects, an action generally forbidden in museums but that carries a high emotional engagement. When an object is placed in the center, the curator's voice invites the visitor to pick it up and touch it, observe it closely, and possibly pass it to a fellow visitor. Handling the object does not stop the narrative; the longer the object is handled, the more information is given, under the assumption that the visitor is interested. The narrative guides the discovery of details and the learning of aspects that normally go unnoticed.

Not, E., Cavada, D., Maule, S., Pisetti, A., and Venturini, A. Digital augmentation of historical objects through tangible interaction. ACM J. Comput. Cult. Herit. 12, 3 (2019), Article 18.

Elena Not, Fondazione Bruno Kessler
[email protected]

Dario Cavada, ECTRL Solutions
[email protected]

Stefano Maule, ECTRL Solutions
[email protected]

Anna Pisetti, Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra
[email protected]

Adriano Venturini, ECTRL Solutions
[email protected]

ins08.gif A graphical animation explains the tin is a military mess kit and shows a belt was used to secure it to the uniform.

ins09.gif Placing one of the objects on a central interactive point triggers an audiovisual description. Buttons allow you to change the language.