Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: A Measurable Factor Sets the Conditions of its Operation

Issue: XXVI.6 November - December 2019
Page: 8
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Marloes ten Bhömer

This is an ongoing research project and series of publicly exhibited materials originally developed through the Stanley Picker Research Fellowship at Kingston University. The project aims to rethink the ways in which shoes are designed by shirking traditional approaches. Instead, it employs an engineering method based on structural parameters, informed by biomechanical factors, required to support a high-heeled foot while in motion. In this project, the shoe is approached as a constellation of interlinking areas of support, producing genuinely new opportunities for configuring the shoe.

ten Bhömer, M. The parameters required to support a woman in motion. Proc. of the 4th Biennial Research Through Design Conference. 2019;

Jeżowska, K. Reinventing the high heel. Disegno. Feb. 4, 2014;

Marloes ten Bhömer, Kingston University

[email protected]

ins03.gif White Prototypes are a series of testing shoes.

ins04.gif Constellation4 depicts a particular constellation of interlinking foot and ground contact areas of support for the foot.

ins05.gif Bluepanelshoe is one outcome of connecting a constellation of contact areas into an actual shoe.