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Issue: XXVI.6 November - December 2019
Page: 8
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Renee Noortman, Britta F. Schulte, Paul Marshall, Saskia Bakker, Anna L. Cox

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HawkEye is a design fiction probe that was deployed with eight participants for three weeks. Comprising a physical control panel, HawkEye is provided by a fictional elder-care company and deployed in the participant's home. Participants take on the fictional role of an informal caregiver caring for "Annie," a person with dementia. Once the system is deployed, the participants receive messages on Annie's well-being and set parameters for the different technologies installed in her smart home. After three weeks of deployment, the participants were interviewed in order to gain insights on the use of this kind of futurist technology.

Noortman, R., Schulte, B., Marshall, P., Bakker, S., and Cox, A. HawkEye - Deploying a design fiction probe. Proc. of 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, New York, 2019;

Renee Noortman, Eindhoven University of Technology

[email protected]

Britta F. Schulte, University College London

Paul Marshall, University of Bristol

Saskia Bakker, Eindhoven University of Technology

Anna L. Cox, University College London

ins06.gif The artifact was crafted to look like existing medical devices.

ins07.gif The concept of the fictional company HawkEye was developed to support the narrative.

ins08.gif HawkEye was deployed with eight individuals in their own homes, to investigate how it would fit into domestic routines.