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Embroidered Confessions

Issue: XX.2 March + April 2013
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Julynn Miller Benedetti

Embroidered Confessions is an interactive quilt woven from a collection of curated secrets of strangers across the Internet. The quilt is a physical interface comprising 10 QR codes that have been embroidered and encoded with URLs that link to a Web interface. These embroidered QR codes are in and of themselves visual secrets manifested in physical objects that evoke tradition and craft, but they must be decoded in an interaction that is technologically dissonant yet visually congruent. Embroidered Confessions is a physical reminder of the immortality of the musings, indiscreet personal disclosures, and heartfelt declarations that exist and are archived in the digital stratosphere.

Project website:

Publication: Benedetti, J.M. Embroidered confessions: An interactive quilt of the secrets of strangers. Proc. of the 8th ACM conference on Creativity and Cognition. ACM, New York, 2011, 313–314.

Julynn Miller Benedetti | Parsons the New School for Design | frog design | [email protected]