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Move Your Age

Issue: XX.2 March + April 2013
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Bob Spikman, Sandra SuijketBuijk, Rico Minten and Jorien Kemerink

In this second-year bachelor's project (industrial design), my team began looking at designing a tool that can help elderly people be more physically active through play. To lower the participation threshold, we decided to use the characteristics of an old game, musical chairs. We created multiple interactive blocks that let elderly people play different games using feedback from the blocks, including sounds and different colors of light. Multiple seniors tested our prototypes and responded positively. A steel company in the Netherlands is now developing this concept for children to play with at playgrounds.

Project website: (steel company) (client)

Bob Spikman | Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]

Sandra SuijkerBuijk | Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]

Rico Minten | Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]

Jorien Kemerink | Eindhoven University of Technology | [email protected]