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Issue: XX.2 March + April 2013
Page: 8
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Katie Koepfinger and Burcum Turkmen

Emoti-bots is a line of prototypical products for future homes that both simulate and stimulate emotion. As computers move away from screen-based interfaces and become less expensive and more pervasive, their systems will inevitably become more intricate and complex. Our current modes of communication may become insufficient. Human beings utilize emotions to transform intelligence into appropriate action and to consider circumstances and relationships with others. If our computers can develop stronger emotional connections with their users, our interactions with them will become more meaningful as technology progresses.

Project website:

Publication: Koepfinger, K. and Turkmen, B. Emoti-bots: A line of emotional products for automated future homes. Proc. of the 13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing. ACM, New York, 2011, 471–472.

Katie Koepfinger | Parsons the New School for Design | [email protected]

Burcum Turkmen | Parsons the New School for Design | [email protected]