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XII.1 January + February 2005
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CHI 2005

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April 2-7, 2005
Portland, Oregon, USA

As technology becomes pervasive in our environment, professionals in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) have the opportunity to enhance the quality of life through innovative design and application of technologies. "The CHI 2005 conference committee has searched for the leading ideas that support the future of technology and we welcome you to experience the future directions of human-computer interaction at CHI 2005," noted CHI 2005 General Chair Gerrit van der Veer. This year's conference will be held April 2-7, 2005 in Portland, Oregon, USA at the Oregon Convention Center.

CHI 2005 offers people with diverse backgrounds an opportunity to come together and learn about the future of human-computer interaction. Originally a small conference for psychologists interested in user-interface design, the annual CHI conference has grown to include a more diverse participant group, such as interaction designers, computer scientists, engineering psychologists, developers, and performing artists, and to deal with larger problems such as the organizational integration of technology. Over 2000 people from 48 countries participated in technical sessions and tutorials at last year's conference. This year's conference is expected to be just as successful.

Preceding the CHI 2005 technical program will be a diverse series of full-day tutorials. These courses range from basic classes, such as "Usability Design" to narrowly focused advanced topics, such as "Human-Robot Interaction." Other examples of the wide range of offerings include "Design Strategies of Highly Successful Web Sites," and "Mobile User-Interface Design." Tutorials are eligible for Continuing Education Credit. Full descriptions can be found on-line at the CHI 2005 Web site: www.chi2005.org

CHI 2005 offers workshops covering a broad range of human-computer interaction issues. These small groups (usually eight to 20 participants) will meet for one or two days to exchange views on topics of common concern. Participants are chosen ahead of time on the basis of position papers submitted to the workshop organizers. Consult the Workshops section of the CHI 2005 Web site for details.

This year's program offers presentations from seven different technical areas:

The Design Expo provides a forum to present design case studies, with an explicit focus on the methodologies and final results of the design disciplines.

Interactivity is a technical area that allows participants the opportunity to experience new user-interfaces first hand and learn from the design.

Papers present significant contributions to research, development and practice in all areas of the field of human-computer interaction.

Panels are engaging experiences for the audience, involving multiple participants that explore a range of perspectives on controversial or emerging topics.

The Student Design Competition provides an opportunity for students from a variety of design backgrounds (HCI, industrial design, visual design, etc.) to participate at CHI and demonstrate their problem-solving and design skills in an international competition against their peers.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) enable conference participants, who share similar interests, to meet informally for 90 minutes of facilitated discussion.

Late-Breaking Results are concise reports of new findings, or other types of innovative or thought-provoking HCI work by practitioners and researchers.

In addition, there will be opening and closing plenary presentations. The closing plenary speaker will be Michel Waisvisz, who will present an interactive performance. Waisvisz is the creator of live-electronic music, electric theatre and Director of STEIM (STudio for Electro-Instrumental Music). Mr. Waisvisz believes that touch is crucial in communicating with the new electronic performance art technologies and is known for building physical interfaces that sense the performer's intent from lips as well as fingertips. "Too much of the computer has been designed and used as an exclusive extension of the formalistic capabilities of humans," notes Waisvisz. His performance will demonstrate the expanded scope of user interfaces.

Valued equally with the technical sessions and tutorials are the many informal conversations that produce an HCI community. Many attendees return to CHI each year because the relationships formed with other HCI professionals are as important as technical sessions. Most companies have just a few HCI people, and the conference provides an opportunity for HCI professionals to meet many more colleagues than they would in the normal course of business. Employees can spend a week immersed in tutorials, encountering new ideas, and networking at the historic Crystal Ballroom reception in downtown Portland.

The location of CHI 2005 in the Pacific Northwest provides an important opportunity to interact with significant numbers of professionals from the Western United States, Pacific Rim, and Canada. Lest European attendees be concerned about travel cost, it should be noted that air fare to the Western United States can be purchased for little more than a cross-country flight within the US or Canada, given some advance planning.

Mark your calendar for CHI 2005-to debate and discuss the future of human-computer interaction April 2-7, 2005 in Portland at the Oregon Convention Center with colleagues from academia and industry.

Take advantage of the opportunity to attend tutorials from international experts, benefit from a leading-edge technical program, and network with over 2000 HCI professionals. Registration is now open on the conference Web site at: www.chi2005.org.

The annual CHI conference is sponsored by ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction, ACM SIGCHI. In addition to ACM, Champion Sponsors already on board for CHI 2005 include OSTG NewsForge (formerly OSDN), Microsoft, SAP AG, and Tektronix. eLearn Magazine will also be supporting the conference as a Contributing Sponsor.

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bullet.gif January 3-7

VLSI Design
18th International Conference on VLSI Design
Kolkata, India

bullet.gif January 9-12

IUI 2005
International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
San Diego, CA, USA

bullet.gif January 23-27

International Conference on Human-Computer Interface Advances for Modeling and Simulation
New Orleans, LA

bullet.gif February 9-11

Designing, Evaluating and Using Ubiquitous Computing Systems: 3rd UK-Ubinet Workshop
Bath, UK

bullet.gif March 18-20

Conference and Exhibition in Virtual Reality
Bonn, Germany

bullet.gif March 29-April 1

Web3D 2005 Symposium
10th International Conference on 3D Web Technology
Bangor, UK

bullet.gif March 29-April 1

The 2005 IEEE International Conference on e-Technology, e-Commerce and e-Service
Hong Kong

bullet.gif April 2-7

CHI 2005
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Portland, OR, USA

bullet.gif April 5-7

Ergonomics Society
Annual Conference
Hertfordshire, UK

bullet.gif April 12-15

Creativity & Cognition 2005
5th Creativity and Cognition Conference
London, UK

bullet.gif May 8-12

Pervasive 2005
The 3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing
Munich, Germany

bullet.gif May 9-11

Graphics Interface 2005
Victoria, BC, Canada

bullet.gif May 14-15

SoftVis `05
ACM symposium on Software Visualization
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

bullet.gif May 19-21

AMT 2005
The Third International Conference on Active Media Technology
Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan

bullet.gif May 24-28

ICEIS 2005
7th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
Miami, FL, USA

bullet.gif May 30-June 4

CSCL 2005
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference
Taipei, Taiwan

bullet.gif June 2-3

HCIL 2005
Univ. of Maryland's Human-Computer Interaction Lab Annual Symposium
College Park, MD, USA

bullet.gif June 13-16

C&T 2005
2nd International Conference on Communities and Technologies
Milano, Italy

bullet.gif June 15-17

ACE 2005
ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology
Valencia, Spain

bullet.gif July 22-27

HCI International 2005
11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Las Vegas, NV, USA

bullet.gif July 24-30

UM 2005
10th international conference on User Modeling
Edinburgh, UK

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