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VOLUME XII.1 January + February 2005

  • Editorial
    • Hello!

      Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

      We are delighted at the prospect of heading a magazine that is the premier publication in HCI; but if we can quote Al Jolson, an American popular singer of the 1920s, "You ain’t seen nothing yet." Our predecessor Steven Pemberton set a high standard with some outstanding issues. We are…

  • Research alert
    • Seeking online health resources

      Shirley Becker

      The Internet provides an extraordinary opportunity for adults 60 years or older to access online health information. It has become an important resource for those suffering from chronic illness who have difficulty accessing health information through traditional channels-whether it be because they are homebound or live in rural or remote…

  • Pushing the envelope
    • User experience

      Fred Sampson

      Who owns user experience? According to Don Norman and a panel representing user-experience professionals, we all do. A substantial crowd of San Francisco Bay Area user-experience professionals gathered at Stanford University’s Kresge Auditorium on October 12, 2004, to discuss the topic "User Experience: Why do so many groups believe they…

  • Ask Dr. Usability
    • Ask Dr. Usability

      Dr. Usability

      Dear Dr. Usability, I am working for a client who does not want to conduct user research. He just wants me to start giving him page designs for his Web site. This potential client has a specific audience in mind: Vegetarian Veterinarians. Shouldn’t I insist on doing some user research…

  • Design
    • The innovation pipeline: design collaborations between research and development

      Austin Henderson

      There are many great ideas sitting on the shelves of research laboratories. Frustrated researchers often carry these to other companies where they become products. Why is it so difficult for a company to get the innovation that is carried out by its research labs into the products its sells? HCI…

  • Rant
    • Not ready for prime-time voting

      Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

      Not to mince words: November 2, 2004 was a low point in American technology. Let’s get this straight: There is a current system that is the lifeblood of democracy, voting. There is a new technology, e-voting, that is being deployed, which has not been thoroughly system tested, not checked for…

  • The whiteboard
    • Ease your design anguish

      Deborah Gill-Hesselgrave, Mark Hall

      You entered the design field because you had an "eye." You demonstrated a special talent for defining context, composition and color. You studied and interned, then landed that coveted design job. You learned about user-centered design (UCD) and usability testing. Maybe your company paid for you to attend UCD seminars,…

  • HCI and the Web
    • A tale of two tutorials

      William Hudson

      I usually only make it to one conference a year, but in 2004 I had the unusual pleasure (or duty, depending on your point of view) of attending both CHI in Vienna and OOPSLA in Vancouver. (Next year I will do the W’s—Warsaw and Walla Walla). I presented my own…

  • Fast forward
    • User-centered design in the enterprise

      Aaron Marcus

      For the past two years major corporations have been seeking to establish user-interface design centers of excellence. What seems new is that the concern for establishing such centers is stronger and more central to user-centered design (UCD) competencies than ever before, as corporations discover they must be more customer-centered. This…

  • Books
    • Books

      Richard Douglass

      Usability and Internationalization of Information Technology Nuray Aykin (ed.) Lawrence Erlbaum Associates ISBN 0805844791 $39.95 Reviewed by Richard Douglass Globalization and localization are increasingly important topics in information technology and user-interface design. Several books have been written on these topics since the late 1980s; Nuray Aykin’s new volume…

  • Rewind
    • AIGA National Design Conference

      Julie Stanford, Ellen Tauber, Laura Klein

      As interaction designers in search of a new experience (not to mention a tax-deductible trip to lovely Vancouver, British Columbia), we found ourselves at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) National Design Conference. Every two years, the AIGA holds a conference to discuss issues relevant to designers and designing.…

  • Event planner
    • CHI 2005

      interactions Staff

      CHI 2005 April 2-7, 2005 Portland, Oregon, USA As technology becomes pervasive in our environment, professionals in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) have the opportunity to enhance the quality of life through innovative design and application of technologies. "The CHI 2005 conference committee has searched for the leading ideas…

  • Rave
    • Business software gets it

      Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

      We find it very interesting that new players in the HCI world are beginning to show up. SAP became a championship sponsor for CHI2004. PeopleSoft employees are regularly showing up in CHI committees. Business software companies are showing up in increasing numbers at CHI-sponsored events. This is not just a…