XII.1 January + February 2005
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Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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We are delighted at the prospect of heading a magazine that is the premier publication in HCI; but if we can quote Al Jolson, an American popular singer of the 1920s, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Our predecessor Steven Pemberton set a high standard with some outstanding issues. We are grateful to all of our column editors, department contributors, and professional staff for their dedication. The magazine has improved in many ways under Steven's leadership, and we look forward to continuing to make additions to the magazine you'll start to see in this issue.

We are working to evolve <interactions> into a must-read publication. We're interested in your feedback on what we do! We're sure some things will succeed and some will fail—and you won't hesitate to tell us so. Nevertheless, this is still a volunteer-run magazine, so our changes will come in steps. Among our goals for the coming year are to make <interactions>:

  • Easier to Read
  • More Entertaining
  • More Lively
  • More Inclusive

back to top  Easier to Read

We hope to make <interactions> easier to read by changing the tone of the publication to a true magazine style. Each issue's cover story will be a featured case study, starting with Jim Miller's "Evolution of Storytelling" in this issue. (If you'd like to contribute a case study, please write to us for submission guidelines.) Apart from the lead case study, articles will be shorter and less formal. Ours is a practitioner magazine, rather than a research journal, and we will seek to publish high-value material that is easy to absorb, with references to in-depth treatments in other publications and on the Web. We are also adding columns that are shorter, thought-provoking, and (dare we say) provocative and controversial. We extend this invitation to our readers: Get engaged, write to our upcoming Letters to the Editors department, submit to the magazine, and become an active participant in <interactions>.

back to top  More Entertaining

To make <interactions> more entertaining look for features that range from the serious to the hilarious. We're encouraging a lively mix of pieces you'll want to pass on to friends and colleagues.

back to top  More Lively

We want to encourage you to communicate not just your latest work, but to also voice your timely opinions from rants to raves, from cheers to raspberries. We believe things should be written on multiple levels: from talks on the latest developments in our profession to thoughtful commentary and gentle critique (in the spirit of the "fair and balanced" tradition of the U.S. media). And shorter sentences, too!

back to top  More Inclusive

Look for greater inclusiveness in many ways in future issues this year. We're working to collect insider news from HCI-related societies, featuring policy debates and decisions raised around the world. In addition, we'd like to extend our invitation to you, our readers, to contribute, whether as a guest opinion column, an article on interesting work in HCI or a letter to the editor.

We look forward to a busy year ahead! These are just some of our ideas—please share yours by contacting us at eic@interactions.acm.org. If we don't get back to you within 24 hours, well, it's a crying shame (but we are still volunteerssmiley.gif).

Jonathan Arnowitz & Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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The May-June issue theme is "Whose Profession Is It, Anyway?" Send inquiries for submitting to eic@interactions.acm.org.

Deadline for contributions: February 7, 2005.

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UF1Figure. Our families are real people, too: Elizabeth, Dave, Rianneke and Gunnar; Jonathan, Minne, and Sarah.

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