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XXI.2 March + April 2014
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Sangtae Kim, Jaejeung Kim, Soobin Lee, Ivan Petkov, Gloria Ronchi, Claudio Benghi, Ben Bengler, Nick Bryan-Kinns

back to top  1. Bezel-Flipper

Bezel-Flipper is an intuitive e-book user interface that supports paper-book-like flipping interaction. Users can readily flip pages using a dragging gesture from the bezel, and simply stop and hold a page using a multitouch gesture. With the help of Bezel-Flipper, users can easily scan the contents and cross reference distant pages on e-books using familiar paper-book gestures.

Kim, S., Kim, J., Lee, S. Bezel-Flipper: Design of a light-weight flipping interface for e-books. Proc. of CHI EA 2013. ACM, New York, 1719–1724.

Sangtae Kim, KAIST

Jaejeung Kim, KAIST

Soobin Lee, KAIST

back to top  2. Fleischwolf

Fleischwolf is an interactive sound installation in the form of a meat grinder mounted on a massive wooden table. Turning the crank causes the machine to emit a sound that initially resembles a very deep bass voice. When the crank is turned faster and more vigorously, the characteristics of the sound change too.

Ivan Petkov, University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

back to top  3. Fluidity

Fluidity is an interactive installation that visualizes the "gender experiences" of the audience, changing its color in real-time according to the data provided by participants through their smartphones.

Individuals can interact with the system from different "entry environments" to explore the correlation between the places and their emotional responses, gaining insight into their own individual perceptions, including gender stasis and fluidity.

Using a chromatic range for visualizing the gender experience between the polar labels of "feminine" and "masculine," Fluidity opens up new opportunities for discussion around more inclusive models of gender representation that depart from the rigid binary logic.

Gloria Ronchi, Aether & Hemera

Claudio Benghi, Northumbria University

back to top  4. Polymetros

Polymetros is an interactive collaborative music system that enables people to play, improvise, and compose music together on the fly. Inspired by minimalist composing techniques, each player can contribute to the collaborative composition via their own physical instrument. Designed as an inviting audience experience for festivals and exhibitions, Polymetros facilitates a form of music-making that is immediate, open-ended, and social while appreciating music as an inclusive and enjoyable group activity rather than an exclusive expert profession.

Bengler, B., Bryan-Kinns, N. Designing collaborative musical experiences for broad audiences. Proc. of the 9th ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition. ACM, New York, NY, 2013, 234–242.

Ben Bengler, Queen Mary University of London

Nick Bryan-Kinns, Queen Mary University of London

back to top  Figures

F1Figure 1. Bezel-Flipper makes flipping pages on e-books more like paper books.

F2Figure 2. Fleischwolf uses an old-fashioned meat grinder to control sound.

F3Figure 3. Fluidity visualizes the gender experience of its audience.

F4Figure 4. Compose music on the fly with others using the flashing grids of Polymetros.

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