Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Submergence

Issue: XXIV.2 March + April 2017
Page: 10
Digital Citation
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Squidsoup: Anthony Rowe, Liam Birtles, Chris Bennewith, Oliver Brown

Submergence is a large, immersive walkthrough experience. It uses up to 8,064 individual points of suspended light to create feelings of presence and movement within physical space. The installation transforms space into a hybrid environment where virtual and physical worlds coincide. As you enter the piece, you walk into a space occupied by both real and virtual components, both of which you can affect. The piece is divided into sections that gradually increase in tension, building to a final climax. Each section has its own elements, atmosphere, and responsiveness.

Squidsoup: Anthony Rowe, Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Liam Birtles, Bournemouth University

Chris Bennewith, Plymouth University

Oliver Bown, University of New South Wales

ins06.gif Submergence setup.

ins07.gif People socializing while interacting with Submergence.