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VOLUME IX.4 July 2002

  • Editorial
    • Use is beauty, beauty use

      You occasionally see complaints that adding usability makes interfaces ugly, or that proponents of usability ignore beauty. I believe that part of this misunderstanding comes from our use of the word "invisible" to describe a desirable interface. But of course, we use "invisible" in a metaphorical way, to mean that…

  • Research alerts
  • What's happening
    • Call for participation

      HCI International 2003 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction June 22 - 27, 2003 Creta Maris Hotel Heraklion, Crete, Greece The Conference aims to provide an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of scientific information on theoretical, generic and applied areas of HCI. This will be accomplished through the…

  • Business
    • Demo-driven design or design-driven demos: vaporware, demos, and prototypes

      Over the years, this column has explored how user-centered design (UCD) fits into the design and development process in the business world. In the context of traditional practices, UCD is often viewed as an added cost, one that has at most long-range benefits. Of course, when a conflict is perceived…

  • Design
    • Multiples x 1

      Impromptu Multiples On May 3 and 4 a memorable event took place in Cambridge, Mass. About 70 people gathered, practically impromptu, at the IBM/Lotus Rogers Auditorium to participate in the reincarnated Ninth Annual Living Surfaces miniconference Multiples of 1. A longer version of this program was scheduled for a full…

    • Internet and architecture

      My presentation at the conference was a response to the Invade (see previous article) challenge and addressed the following question: What happens when our everyday surroundings become invaded by information networks? Figure. SwisShouse: Bird's eye perspective Propositions I presented two propositions. First, architecture can protect everyday citizens from the invasion…

  • The whiteboard
    • The emperor has no lab coat

      Can you achieve usable designs without a usability process, without the involvement of a usability professional? Some researchers say sure, it happens all the time. But how? According to George Olsen, those who achieve this are very good designers who bring a breadth of knowledge to their work? including user…

  • Book preview
    • Book preview

      Train of Thoughts: Designing the Effective Web Experience John Lenker New Riders Publishing, 2002 ISBN 0735711747 $40.00 Is creativity the enemy of usability? How do you judge the success of a person's experience interacting with a Web enterprise? Is the effectiveness of an online resource defined only by how "usable"…

  • Reflections
    • Go away!

      I am the chair of the HTML working group, an international group of people from companies like Microsoft, Netscape, various telecom companies, etc, who under the auspices of the World Wide Web Consortium are responsible for designing new versions of HTML. It should come as no surprise then that I…

  • Conference preview
    • Mobile HCI 02

      Mobile HCI 02 Fourth International Symposium on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices September 18-20, 2002 Pisa, Italy The Symposium provides a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for effective interaction with mobile systems. It is intended to cover the design, evaluation and applications…

  • Fast forward
    • CHI as a cross-tribal community

      Fast Forward presents me with an opportunity to think about where user-interface design has been over the past four decades in which I have worked and about its future. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from joining me in this ongoing discussion. Your feedback is welcome. I would like…