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Issue: XXVII.1 January - February 2020
Page: 10
Digital Citation
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Ryo Tada

FULU is a fingernail-mounted haptic interface for augmented reality in daily life. It allows users to experience haptic texture in the virtual world, while the finger pad remains open for experiencing the physical world. Users thus experience virtual and physical touch seamlessly and simultaneously. FULU creates touch sensation from 2D images, adding 3D depth to 2D screens.

Publication: Houghton, L., Hawkins, A., and Friend, H. Need to Know 04:07:19. LS:N Global;

Demo video:

Ryo Tada, Royal College of Art / Imperial College London
[email protected]

ins01.gif Interaction demo of FULU. Using a mobile app to feel the virtual texture.

ins02.gif FULU, a fingernail-mounted haptic interface.