Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Renewal

Issue: XXVII.1 January - February 2020
Page: 10
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Jennifer Lang

Have you ever dreamed of living forever, fixing the body like a car by simply buying a new lung or kidney in a specialist shop? All this could become reality more quickly than expected. Bioprinted organs are within our grasp—but for whom are these luxuries available?

Renewal examines how speculative design can help in the evaluation of new technologies—in this case human enhancement—and their impact on society. With the support of my professors Christoph Büch and Lauritz Lipp, I created the first organ trade of the future.

Publication: Kirst, N. Speculative design: Sieht so der organhandel der zukunft aus? Page. Sept. 7, 2019;

Jennifer Lang, University of Applied Sciences Europe
[email protected]

ins04.gif Renewal envisions a future shop for bioprinted organs.