Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: WiFi Impressionist

Issue: XXVII.1 January - February 2020
Page: 10
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Richard Vijgen

WiFi Impressionist is a field installation that draws electromagnetic landscapes inspired by the cityscapes of William Turner. The work consists of a directional antenna on a pan-tilt mechanism that listens for WiFi signals and builds a 3D model of the signals around it. From this model, a viewport is selected that defines the perspective and the frame. Signals that are picked up within the frame are visualized as waves emitted from a specific origin and drawn using a mobile plotter, much like a painter would set up his easel. Once positioned and oriented, a drawing becomes denser over time.

Richard Vijgen, Studio Richard Vijgen
[email protected]

ins03.gif WiFi Impressionist draws electromagnetic landscapes based on the WiFi signals it detects in the surrounding area.