Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Human Study#1, 5RNP

Issue: XXVII.3 May - June 2020
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Patrick Tresset Ateliers

Human Study#1, 5RNP is a performative installation where a human becomes an actor to be sketched by five robots. The drawing sessions last 20 minutes, during which time they cannot see the drawings in progress. The sitter sees only the machines, alternating between observing and drawing, sometimes pausing. The sounds produced by each motor create an improvised soundtrack.

Patrick Tresset, Ateliers Tresset
[email protected]

ins01.gif Visitors to the installation are sketched simultaneously by multiple robots. (From: Human Study #1, 6 Robots Named Paul exhibition, Merge festival, London, U.K., 2012)

ins02.gif Closeup of a robot sketching a human subject. (From: Human Study #1, Trace exhibition, New Media Gallery, New Westminster, Canada, 2018)