Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Surface

Issue: XXVII.2 March - April 2020
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Freddie Taewoo Hong

Surface is a three-axis sculpting instrument controlled by an Xbox controller, exploring the ambiguous boundary between the analog and the digital. It allows anyone to intuitively apply their creativity in a real-time flow without the aid of pre-drawn digital geometry: Users can make instinctive alterations to their sculpture as the cutting progresses. Surface challenges conventional methods of digital fabrication, which rely vitally on CAD software, aiming to spark the joy of creating art in a playful manner.

Surface challenges conventional methods of digital fabrication.

Hong, F.T. SURFACE: Xbox controlled hot-wire foam cutter. In ACM/EG Expressive Symposium - Posters, Demos, and Artworks. D. Berio, P. Cruz, and J. Echevarria, eds. The Eurographics Association, 2019.

Freddie Taewoo Hong, Imperial College London
[email protected]

ins07.gif Display of the sculptures created by the participants from the workshop at Goldsmiths University, 2017.

ins08.gif Side view of the Surface instrument and its setup.