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Issue: XXVII.2 March - April 2020
Page: 8
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Kongpyung Moon, Peng Gao, Jessica In, Ruairi Glynn

CuGo is a tangible platform where human and robot are encouraged to participate in achieving a shared goal. It consists of a game board, on which modular, reconfigurable robots perform unpredictable movements, as well as passive blocks that are moved by both human and robot players. As the performance of AI for specialized tasks will soon surpass that of humans, CuGo aims to contribute to calming the tension between human and robot entities.

Kongpyung Moon, University College London
[email protected]

Peng Gao, University College London
[email protected]

Jessica In (Principal Tutor), University College London

Ruairi Glynn (Director of Interactive Architecture Lab), University College London

ins01.gif Robots try to build a tower with passive blocks by grabbing the passive blocks placed by human players.