Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Samsara

Issue: XXVII.2 March - April 2020
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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studio RLON

The kinetic installation Samsara represents a physical manifestation of synergy. Its 252 white triangles are driven by a single energy force: the rotating black disk in the center. Three sliders running in the three intersecting rings of the disk transmit the circular movement of the energy source. The energy is then passed on from triangle to triangle, resulting in a mesmerizing choreography of all the parts. Each part in Samsara behaves in accordance with the whole. It is a system unpredictable through observation of its individual parts and one in which even a small input of energy can evoke big changes.

studio RLON
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ins04.gif The 252 white triangles are driven by the rotating disk in the center.

ins05.gif Assembling the Samsara installation.

ins06.gif A dynamic mandala.