Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Poetic Interactions with Digital Jewelry

Issue: XXVII.3 May - June 2020
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Nantia Koulidou

Digital jewelry is a form of object that combines jewelry with electronics and computing. Our understanding of digital jewelry practices is fragmented, however, as its creators draw upon different traditions from a diversity of artistic, fashion, engineering, and participatory design approaches. Microcosmos, Topoi, Togetherness, and Travelling with the Sea are digital jewelry pieces that offer opportunities for self-reflection and connectedness during the transition of traveling between two home countries. These examples are propositions that give us a particular window to think about digital technology in a different way and put new lenses on what digital jewelry can be.

Koulidou, N., Wallace, J., and Dylan, T. The materiality of digital jewellery from a jeweller's perspective. Proc. of the 4th Biennial Research Through Design Conference. 2019, Article 1, 1–16;

Koulidou, N. Why should jewellers care about the digital? Journal of Jewellery Research 1 (Feb. 2018).

Nantia Koulidou, Sheffield Hallam University
[email protected]

ins06.gif Left: Topoi containins tiny microfilm images from two countries that are significant to the owner. Right: Microcosmos contains a microfiche image that can be accessed only during an airplane flight.

ins07.gif Travelling with the Sea is a piece of digital jewelry connected to the geolocation data, enabling people to tap into data from places they are passing over during a flight.

ins08.gif Togetherness is made up of two brooches, meant for two wearers in two countries. Each brooch works as data logger. A new piece is created from the data collected.

Visitors can present an object to a tableau to provoke its character to respond.